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    How to Earn Money in Fiverr Free 2018

    fiverr introduction
    Fiverr was founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman on February 1, 2010.Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Founded in 2010, the company is based in Tel Aviv,and provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide.As of 2012, over three million
    services were listed on Fiverr.

    10)ways to earning from fiverr
    1. Data ENtry
    2. Article write
    3. logo Design
    4. Graphic Master
    5. photo editing
    6. software Making
    7. App making
    8. website making
    9. Seo Setting
    10. company account Setup 
    Registration Methodjust login with your Gmail id 
    Payment method
    papal account
    western union
    country bank account

     How to create gig on fiverr
    Your Gig is the service that you sell on Fiverr. Creating your Gig is an opportunity to show off your talent and provide buyers with all the information they need to help them decide to do business with you.
    To create a Gig:
        After you log in, click Selling > Gigs.
        Click CREATE A NEW GIG.

    In the GIG TITLE field, write a title of up to 80 characters.Your title should be short, clear, and to the point.In the CATEGORY drop-down menu, select the appropriate category and then subcategory for your Gig.
       STEP 2: Scope and Pricing
        In the Name your package area, write a brief title for the service you are offering.
        Describe the details of your offering in the area provided.
        In the Delivery Time drop-down menu, select the amount of days it will take for you to complete your Gig.
        Select the various items you would like to include in your service. This depends on the type of service you are offering. For example, if you are offering logo design services, you can select from a predefined list of items, such as number of logos to include, including the source file, or including a high resolution file.In the Revisions drop-down menu, select the amount of revisions you include in your Gig.    In the Price drop-down menu, select a price for your service (ranging from $5 to $995).

     In certain categories, you have the option to create three packages. Just click to turn on 3 Packages or click Try Now.If you create three packages, your customized extra services will be available to buyers when they proceed to the checkout page.

    Adding Extra Services
    You have the option to deliver your Gig extra fast and charge accordingly.

    To set extra fast delivery:

        In the My Gig Extras section, select the Extra fast delivery checkbox and indicate how many days it will take you to deliver, and how much money you will charge.

        Note: If you select Extra fast delivery, the amount of days for the extra fast delivery cancels out the amount of time you indicated in your extra services.

    In addition, you can offer extra services for your Gig, which will be available to the buyer during the order process. These fields are optional.
    Note: For each extra provided, select the checkbox and set your price and how long it will take you to complete.

    Shipping & Handling
    If you provide a product, you can charge shipping fees.

        Select the checkbox, and select how much you charge to a specific country and then to everywhere else.

        Note: If you have multiple orders enabled, you can select how much you charge.
        Click Save & Continue.

    STEP 3: Description and FAQ
        In the Description field, briefly describe your Gig (up to 1,200 characters). Be as detailed as possible so buyers will be able to understand if this meets their needs.

        Note: If you add a URL, only include URLs from the approved list.
        In the Frequently Asked Questions area, click Add FAQ.

        Note: Here you can add answers to the most commonly asked questions. Your FAQs will be displayed in your Gig page.
        Add a question you think buyers may ask, and then write your answer.
        Click Add.
        When finished adding your FAQs, click Save & Continue.

    STEP 4: Requirements
    Tell your buyer what you need to start the order. You can define instructions for your buyer as free text, a multiple choice question, or a file upload.

        In the REQUIREMENT #1 field, enter the details of your requirement.
        In the Answer Type field, select either Free Text, Multiple Answer, or Attached File.

        Note: If you select Multiple Answer, answer fields will be displayed. Fill out the multiple choice answers you want the buyer to select. You also have the option to allow more than one answer.
        If you require the buyer to provide the information you selected, mark the Answer is mandatory checkbox.
        Click Add.
        When finished defining your buyer requirements, click Save & Continue.

    STEP 5: Gallery
        In the Gig Photos area, drag an image or click Browse and select an image.
        Upload photos that describe or relate to your Gig. You may upload up to three images. The photos can be samples of your work. Each image should be in JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP format, and up to 50 MB. The image should be owned by you. Do not use copyrighted images; otherwise your Gig won’t be approved.
        In the Gig Video area, drag a video or click Browse and select a video. For more, see Adding a Video to Your Gig.

        Notes:This field is mandatory for the Video & Animation category, but optional for all other categories. Make sure your video is no longer than 75 seconds and less than 50 MB. We recommend that you mention that your services are offered exclusively on Fiverr.
       Once you add a video, it will be used for the thumbnail in the marketplace (in place of the photos you upload).
        In the Gig Audio area, drag an audio file or click Browse and select a file.

        - This option is not available in all categories.
        - Supported formats are mp3 and mpeg. Make sure your audio is no longer than 3:30 and not larger than 10 MB.
        In the Gig PDF area, drag a PDF or click Browse and select a PDF. You may upload up to two PDF files. For more, see Adding PDFs to Your Gig.

        Note: This field is optional. Only the first three pages of your PDF will be displayed.
        Click Save & Continue.

    STEP 6: Publish

    Publishing and Promoting Your Gig

        Click Publish Gig.
        You will see various social networks on which you can promote your Gig. To promote your Gig, just click an icon and fill out the details.
            Note: If your Gig contains a video, its status will be pending until your Gig video is reviewed. If your Gig does not contain a video, it will be labeled Active.
    To edit a Gig:
        After you log in, click Selling > Gigs.
        Find the Gig you'd like to edit, and from the drop-down list on the right, select Edit.
        Make the changes you want to make, and click Save.

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