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    Project xCloud New Gadget

    Project xCloud


    Few Days before google announced New project Mobile Stream,Microsoft Lunched cover with Details in market "Project xcloud"

    The idea behind this project macrosoft team.The concept is simple - Netflix for games - but the application is somewhat more challenging. Prior attempts at getting this to work have fallen flat but Microsoft, Google - and other unannounced players - reckon that the time is right for the technology to work.
    Microsoft's announcement trailer shows key first party Xbox franchises - Forza, Gears of War and Halo - running on tablets and smartphones.we waiting for this gadget so easy to play games and enjoy a lot with this.

    On the face of it, it might not sound as if there's too much new going on here. After all, PlayStation Now is built on the same principle of stock console hardware refactored into blade servers, hosted in datacentres. However, Microsoft is making specific claims in its video which could represent a fundamental improvement over the Sony offering in terms of image quality - and especially latency.

    Beyond the servers themselves, Microsoft is banking on the sheer vastness of its infrastructure to reduce latency further. With its Azure set-up covering 54 regions and 140 countries, the Xbox cloud is indeed 'uniquely positioned', as Phil Spencer puts it. In terms of shaving off the milliseconds and ensuring a good experience for the majority of users, the amount of datacentres and where they are located is key - reducing the proximity between server and user is likely to be Microsoft's 'secret weapon' here. Only Amazon and Google can really compare in terms of the sheer amount of datacentre hardware it has out there. 







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