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    Apple launch Pencil 2 Release

    Apple Pencil 2 Introduction 

    Apple Pencil is already a top-of-the-line stylus and the perfect accessory for any of Apple’s iPad Pro tablets. But there are a slew of rumors suggesting that Apple is planning on giving the Apple Pencil some serious upgrades. Here’s everything that we know about the so-called Apple Pencil 2.

    Apple Pencil 2 Design

    At this point, there aren’t many rumors pointing toward the actual appearance of the Apple Pencil 2. But we don’t expect it to be radically redesigned.On the other hand, there is some evidence in the supply chain that Apple may add a magnetic point so that the new Apple Pencil 2 could attach to the side of an iPad.Those same reports also indicate that the new stylus could have a pocket clip, though it isn’t clear whether it would be removable or fixed.

    Touch ID

    One last titbit from patent 9,329,703's detailed description: "...the MCU [microcontroller unit] can extract fingerprints from the touch measurement and can identify the user of the stylus. The MCU can transmit the user identification to the touch sensitive device. The touch sensitive device can then perform some action based on the identification. For example, the touch sensitive device can authenticate the user of the stylus and can accept stylus input if the user is authenticated and deny stylus input if the user is not. The touch sensitive device can also display or speak the authentication result to the user."
    Sounds like a stylus version of Touch ID to us.

    Apple Pencil 2 Release Date and Price

    In spite of the fact that Apple is yet to declare the Apple Pencil 2, at introducing the undoubtedly dates for its uncover are June, or September in 2018. Apple likes to report its items with a release following before long a while later, for the most part inside multi-month or somewhere in the vicinity.

    Our underlying expectation was for a March declaration an event that Apple hung on March 27. And additionally, the hand-drawn look of the occasion’s logo, bits of gossip pointed towards there being some sort of Apple Pencil declaration leaving the occasion nearby the occasion’s new 2018 iPads.
    Be that as it may, at last, all we got was the declaration that the current Apple Pencil would chip away at the new iPad.
    That implies that now a WWDC or even a September uncover nearby the iPhone 9 is currently the fundamental alternatives for Apple Pencil 2’s uncover — if it’s coming in 2018 by any means.

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